Antimony Trioxide
Antimony trioxide is noted as an inorganic compound. It is the most significant commercial compound of antimony. This chemical is found in nature as the senarmontite and minerals valentinite.
Zinc Stannate Powder
Zinc Titanate, also recognized as zinc titanium oxide. It serves as an inorganic compound prevailing in three major forms. It is functional as the pigment, regenerable catalyst, and a sorbent of sulfur compounds.
Potassium Pyroantimonate
Buy from us potassium pyroantimonate, an inorganic chemical compound available in the form of white powder. It is supplied to several industries in multiwall paper bags. 
Sodium Antimonate
Sodium Antimonate, NaSbO3, is a white powder available in different grades in order to meet the different industrial applications. Its molecular weight is 192.74, density is 3.7 g/cm3, and melting point is greater than >375 C. 
Flame Retardant Chemical
Get in touch with us to buy flame retardant chemical, a special kind of chemical that prevents fire. This chemical can be added to many products or can be applied to products, like devices, transportation products, etc. 
Molybdenum Trioxide
Molybdenum trioxide is light bluish powder that is used in making pigment, PVC, ceramic glaze, enamel, etc. The odorless powder is composed of assay, alkalies, copper, iron, silicon and water.

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